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Fantastic Open Day!


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anike kaner
(Thursday, Jun 23. 2022 12:53 PM)
i want to adopt or buy a horse pls
Carien Coetzee
(Tuesday, Aug 2. 2022 11:24 AM)
Hi, how are you. I would like to adopt 2 horses. Can you please explain to me how it works. Thank you very much.
Ronel Boshoff
(Tuesday, Sep 20. 2022 11:36 AM)
Hi. I am drawing up my will and would like to leave a percentage for the CHCU. please send me details, ie. charity number and so on thanks
valerie pohl
(Tuesday, Jan 10. 2023 06:06 AM)
morning, I am looking for a home for an old horse and 2 donkeys mother jenny and son Jack is a teenager.I thought I could home them as my neighbours the owners had to move into town Pmb. I am at Ottos Bluff , regards Val
valerie pohl
(Tuesday, Jan 10. 2023 06:11 AM)
sadly my property is a danger area because of my parners nature of work and the horse has injured its heel badly and Jack has managed to hurt his hoof as well. please advise we need help to home them safely
Thommas Galliford
(Monday, Jan 30. 2023 09:11 PM)
Good day looking for a horse and gear for my 14 yrs old daughter she have started hose riding lesons have big space but no horse if there is any one willing to donate hose and raiding gear pls give me a inbox
Likhona Hlwaya
(Sunday, Jun 11. 2023 07:22 PM)
i want to adopt a horse can you help me
(Tuesday, Jun 27. 2023 02:10 PM)
For valerie pdominiqueohl –
ill home them for you
but you’ll need to get them to me with all their equipment and riding gear if u have any
Andy Randall
(Saturday, Mar 23. 2024 03:43 PM)
Hi looking for a buddy for my shetland and percheron cart horse have a farm in manderstone area thank u
(Saturday, Jun 1. 2024 10:47 AM)
Hello looking for a horse to adopt.I have always wanted one since i was small so if you have one for me please send me an email back i will even come and pick it up

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Our open day went off very well and we want to thank every single rider and volunteer who offered their time and experience and everybody who donated tack on the day for our rural program.

Preparations for the open day began well before the 20th; horses got worked through the upcoming weeks by their riders and both riders and volunteers helped the grooms turn them out smartly so they’d look their best for our visitors.

Clockwise from top: Visitors walking through our stables and meeting the horses; CHCU Tintin being plaited; Diana and CHCU Annie romping in their paddock

After the welcome, there was a ridden display of some of our horses available for adoption. They behaved well, especially considering that this is the first time they’ve been exposed to the noise and excitement of an event like this. These horses showed their paces very well and a few of them have caught the eye of potential adopters and will be going to forever homes. If you are interested in any of the horses shown, please contact Anne Potts (083 703 7928 or adoptions@coastalhorsecareunit.org.za)

Clockwise from top left: CHCU Kikoman ridden by Shannon; CHCU Princess Rasta ridden by Kathy; CHCU Brandy ridden by Melinda; CHCU Kentucky Boy ridden by Neil

Clockwise from top left: CHCU Seraphim Falls ridden by Kathy; CHCU Skibow ridden by Gemma; CHCU Just Music ridden by Jacqui; CHCU Tonto (recently adopted and ridden by Jessica); CHCU Camino Magic ridden by Debbie; CHCU Tintin ridden by Veronica

The unit horses were followed by some of our adopted horses who were brought in to show how far they’ve come since being adopted and how happy their adopters are with them.

Clockwise from top left: CHCU Arabella; CHCU Aramis ridden by Tracey; CHCU Poise ridden by Tristan; CHCU Tonto ridden by Jessica

After lunch and a talk by Elaine in the training centre about the rural outreach program run by her, we put our rescue horses on parade.

Clockwise from top left: Lollipop being pampered; CHCU Todd (our mascot); CHCU Mondi who is growing up so fast; Godfrey the goat who sternly supervised all that went on from his paddock; CHCU Annie who at 36 years old still looks lovely

The day finished in the best way possible with a loving foster home for CHCU Topaz (a recently orphaned foal) and a demonstration by Wayne Bushnell.

Clockwise from top right: CHCU Topaz with Annie (her new foster mom); the CHCU team after their long day (Brenda, Sheri, Anne, Elaine and Alec); Wayne Bushnell working with CHCU Kentucky Boy.

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