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CHCU would like to thank … African JuJu


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Telephone: 031 782 1434
Fax: 086 567 5577
e-mail: info@coastalhorsecareunit.org.za

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Myrna McDermont
(Sunday, Oct 22. 2017 12:31 PM)
Would love to adopt a rescue donkey (or two). I have a small holding in Dargle. There is horse stables and we have some lovely green fields they could graze on. They would be well looked after and loved.
(Wednesday, Oct 25. 2017 07:15 PM)
Hi I’m looking for a sensible under 12 year old gelding ,BOM proof , have to like jumping , I want to event
(Sunday, Nov 12. 2017 09:45 PM)
Looking for a young horse
Taneille Smith
(Monday, Jan 22. 2018 05:57 AM)
HI There – i believe you have a second hand riding shop – i am looking for riding boots size 2?
Thank you
(Monday, Mar 5. 2018 02:42 PM)
I would love to become a regular volunteer of my time and help work with the horses, is that needed? Please let me know how and when I can assist if this is possible.
(Saturday, Jun 9. 2018 01:01 AM)
Do you still have spickles? And what type of breed is she?
Kind Regards
(Tuesday, Jul 24. 2018 07:03 PM)
Good evening Anne,
Pleaase could you give me some info on how adoptions works and steps to follow.
Is Tintin still available?
Kind Regards
Taygen Dyer
(Friday, Sep 21. 2018 09:03 PM)
Please say spickles is still available I am looking for a horse and she sounds perfect I am very passionate about horses and she I think is the one I love her already and I haven’t even met her
(Monday, Oct 15. 2018 05:01 AM)
Is anyone even running this site anymore? Same horses, and comments from 4 years ago showing as recent? Hopefully horses not in same condition. How can we help them when we dont even know what is going on?
(Sunday, Feb 3. 2019 08:37 AM)
Hi. I have a passion for horses n use to do horse riding in polokwane. I would love to volunteer to help look after them in any way possible.
Trevor Weavill
(Tuesday, Oct 8. 2019 12:57 PM)
I am looking to rehome a horse, I am serious and passionate about a long term commitment to a beautiful creature, I would love to come through and view on Saturday after 1pm
(Monday, Dec 30. 2019 08:37 PM)
Is Valiodore available?
I’m a calm rider so he sounds best for me.
(Tuesday, Jul 14. 2020 09:10 AM)
hi is Topaz still available? My daughter is looking for a baby horse to nurture and care for, can you help please.
(Sunday, Jan 10. 2021 12:33 AM)
Hi is paradise song and aidens Porsche still available
Fiona van den Berg
(Saturday, May 29. 2021 11:17 PM)
Hi I have emailed but have not had a response. I would very much like to volunteer to help on at your horse care unit once a week. Is this needed? Many thanks.

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African JuJu came to the CHCU Farm to clean (strip & seal) our stables before our Horse & Hound Extravaganza 2011. They did a super job & it was greatly appreciated!!

African Juju

Contact Suzanne at 082 685 3749  for floor care and maintenance services:


  • Strip / clean / seal of new/existing floor surfaces (no wood);
  • Clean / seal of paving and paved surfaces;
  • High pressure cleaning of mould and lichen (no roofs).


  • Marble / Travertine / Porcelain;
  • Natural stone / Sandstone / Slate / Terracotta / Clay tiles / Cement / Concrete.

Gardens for Meditation:

  • Zen garden design, sanctuaries and mazes for meditation.

Specialist treatments:

  • Sealing and polishing of marble;
  • Restoration of Travertine;
  • Non slip treatment of floor- and other slippery surfaces;
  • Colour staining technique on concrete floors;
  • Waterproofing of rising damp;
  • Stripping and re-sealing of wooden garage doors;
  • Graffiti removal, and removal of stubborn paint and similar stains.

Commercial / Industrial:

  • Strip / clean / seal of new/existing floor surfaces;
  • Resin coating and dust sealing of cement floors;
  • Non slip treatment;
  • Waterproofing of interior/exterior surfaces.
  • Pre-occupation final clean up:
  • Pre-occupation final clean-up of interiors of newly completed premises.

Product information:

  • The products used comply with national standards, and specification information is
  • available.
  • Wooden products – Specialist on site advice and training:
  • Expert on site advice on the installation of all joinery products. Technical and
  • product training in the wooden industry. Advice on care and maintenance.
  • All work personally supervised by owner.

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