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Telephone: 031 782 1434
Fax: 086 567 5577
e-mail: info@coastalhorsecareunit.org.za

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(Monday, Nov 28. 2016 06:36 PM)
Hi do you guys take volenteers to help on weekends?
(Tuesday, Jan 24. 2017 09:23 AM)
Hi, I follow your facebook page but I don’t seem to be able to find pics and info on what horses you do have available for adoption ? thanks
Valerie Hamann
(Friday, Jan 27. 2017 04:27 PM)
Good day,
My son Brandon would love to volunteer for 6 months at your farm to assist with his time taking care of horses. Do you have space on the farm for him to stay while he volunteers? Pls contact me. Val 0834127526
(Monday, Feb 27. 2017 10:07 AM)
Good day, I would like to know how I go about adopting horse, what it all entales etc and whom I could speak to/contact. Please let me know. Thanks
Theone Theron
(Thursday, Apr 6. 2017 01:21 PM)
I want to adopted a horse that I have too pay.. please contact me at 079 591 0368
suzanne o’meara
(Friday, Jun 9. 2017 01:48 PM)
we are looking for free work & police & metro horse retirement sanctuary – in cape town & surrounds.
suzanne o’meara
(Friday, Jun 9. 2017 01:48 PM)
do you know anything similar inc ape town area for free retirement for work horses ?
Caron Perrins
(Monday, Jun 12. 2017 02:01 PM)
Hello I have a very lonely little Arab needing a companion horse that will also be used for light hacking. on an 8 hectare farm on the south coast 0718865132
(Wednesday, Jul 12. 2017 03:03 PM)
Hi I need information on Jesus donkeys.
(Wednesday, Jul 12. 2017 10:16 PM)
Hi admin I need information on any breeders of Jesus donkeys
(Friday, Oct 6. 2017 01:54 PM)
For Malcolm -sorry Malcolm not sure what a Jesus Donkey is . We do however have donkeys looking for homes
zelda piater
(Tuesday, Oct 17. 2017 07:57 AM)
hi i would like to help you guys in the western capen area…. i would be able to foster and help rehome horses in about a year how can i register at you guys to help the horses??
Myrna McDermont
(Sunday, Oct 22. 2017 12:31 PM)
Would love to adopt a rescue donkey (or two). I have a small holding in Dargle. There is horse stables and we have some lovely green fields they could graze on. They would be well looked after and loved.
(Wednesday, Oct 25. 2017 07:15 PM)
Hi I’m looking for a sensible under 12 year old gelding ,BOM proof , have to like jumping , I want to event
(Sunday, Nov 12. 2017 09:45 PM)
Looking for a young horse

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 Gold Circle Support Horse Welfare Yet Again

Gold Circle has again helped horses in need by their generous donation of a Ford Ranger 4X4 to the Official Horse Welfare in KZN, The Coastal Horse Care Unit. The hand over took place at Greyville Race Course Parade ring on the 24 June 2013.  The Coastal Horse Care Unit was in need of a vehicle to continue with their rural outreach program, which helps rural working horses
in the rural areas. Not only have they donated a much needed vehicle, but they are also assisting financially with these outreach clinics.

These rural horses form a vital function for rural people assisting them in herding cattle, transport, tilling fields and pack animals. The horse owners use these horses in sometimes very remote areas where they don’t have access to vets, feed, Farriers etc. CHCU have been making inroads into these areas and assisting these horses and their owners over the last four year.

Gill Olmesdahl Chairperson of The Coastal Horse Care Unit said that “the demand for our work is increasing yearly and the costs are escalating. We currents helping about 1400 rural horses per year. We estimate the amount of horses in the rural areas to be between 4500 – 7000. So we still have a lots of work to do!

Our rural outreach program assists with Dipping, de-worming, inoculating these horses. We also assist with tack which is a huge problem for these horses as they sometimes get terrible injuries from bad fitting and make-shift tack and saddles. We also give in field training where we can. The problems and injuries we find with these rural horses are normally due to lack of resources and ignorance. We believe that Education helps solve Welfare Solutions. We have an Education program in place with the help of an International Horse Welfare organisation which will assist in educating some of these horses’ owners in the care of their horses. This educational
program trains them in Farriery, Saddlery, Wound Care and general horse care.” We hope by giving this training to these horse owners, we will not only be helping the horses, but by giving these rural people these skills, they can earn a living, by helping other horse owners and horses in their areas.

Gill Olmesdahl said this generous donation by Gold Circle who, are the major supporters of CHCU is really going to give us the resources to assist more rural horses. Words cannot describe how thankful we are for their Support.

If anyone would like to support our Rural Outreach program for horses or donate Tack. Please call Vanessa Beets our Clinic Coordinator 083 633 8986

Information regarding our Rural Outreach Program call Gill Olmesdahl 073 550 3061

Robert Mauvis Chairman of Gold Circle hand over the keys to Gill  Olmesdahl Chairman of The Coastal Horse Care Unit

Robert Mauvis Chairman of Gold Circle hand over the keys to Gill
Olmesdahl Chairman of The Coastal Horse Care Unit

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