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Liandri Kleynhans
(Thursday, Jan 21. 2016 05:18 PM)
Good day, Robyn from R&B Ranch in Empangeni gave me your details. I would like to donate monthly. I absolutely love horses and cant afford my own but would love to support such a great group as yourself. Liandri:)
Rita Heilgendorff
(Sunday, Mar 6. 2016 02:13 PM)
I would like to make a monthly (very small unfortunately) donation to your unit. Please email me banking details. Regards Rita
Rita Heilgendorff
(Sunday, Mar 6. 2016 02:15 PM)
I’m a twit! Just found your banking details so please ignore my message. Thanks for all the good work you do.
(Friday, Mar 11. 2016 09:32 AM)
For Rita Heilgendorff – great
(Tuesday, Jun 28. 2016 06:33 AM)
Hi i would like some info on Saucy Ryder please, also fees ens…
(Thursday, Sep 15. 2016 01:58 PM)
I am looking for a pony. Will be ridden by a 4 year old and a 6 year old. Have you got any ponies available.
(Sunday, Sep 25. 2016 09:53 AM)
Could you please send me a list of horses and ponies available for adoption
(Monday, Nov 28. 2016 06:36 PM)
Hi do you guys take volenteers to help on weekends?
(Tuesday, Jan 24. 2017 09:23 AM)
Hi, I follow your facebook page but I don’t seem to be able to find pics and info on what horses you do have available for adoption ? thanks
Valerie Hamann
(Friday, Jan 27. 2017 04:27 PM)
Good day,
My son Brandon would love to volunteer for 6 months at your farm to assist with his time taking care of horses. Do you have space on the farm for him to stay while he volunteers? Pls contact me. Val 0834127526
(Monday, Feb 27. 2017 10:07 AM)
Good day, I would like to know how I go about adopting horse, what it all entales etc and whom I could speak to/contact. Please let me know. Thanks
Theone Theron
(Thursday, Apr 6. 2017 01:21 PM)
I want to adopted a horse that I have too pay.. please contact me at 079 591 0368
suzanne o’meara
(Friday, Jun 9. 2017 01:48 PM)
we are looking for free work & police & metro horse retirement sanctuary – in cape town & surrounds.
suzanne o’meara
(Friday, Jun 9. 2017 01:48 PM)
do you know anything similar inc ape town area for free retirement for work horses ?
Caron Perrins
(Monday, Jun 12. 2017 02:01 PM)
Hello I have a very lonely little Arab needing a companion horse that will also be used for light hacking. on an 8 hectare farm on the south coast 0718865132

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The Coastal Horse Care Unit
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P.O. Box 245
Cato Ridge

Tel 031 782 1434
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General Inquiries

Manager – Gill Olmesdahl  Cell : 073 550 3061 email :  manager@coastalhorsecareunit.org.za

Inspectorate – Alec Wylie Cell : 083 628 3284 email :  info@coastalhorsecareunit.org.za

Rural Outreach – Laura Smith  Cell : 083 633 8986 email : ruraloutreach@coastalhorsecareunit.org.za

Adoptions – STABLE MANAGER VACANT : 083 703 7928 email : adoptions@coastalhorsecareunit.org.za

Admin/Fundraising – Brenda van Dyk  Landline : 031 782 1434 email : admin@coastalhorsecareunit.org.za

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